3 Drinks More Hydrating than water


Water is excellent on its own in many situations to keep one hydrated.  But the perfect beverage for replenishing your body’s H2O and electrolytes—the minerals that help regulate hydration and muscle function—is different for everyone.  The duration and intensity of your activity, combined with the saltiness of your sweat and the rate you sweat, determines what’s right. In general, longer sessions call for more carbs and electrolytes. Remember to gauge how much to guzzle, weigh in before and after exercising. For every pound you lose, slowly drink 16 to 20 ounces.

  • Electrolyte Drink – These types of drinks are good when you are relaxing in the sun or doing light work outside.  These are drop and dissolve drinks and low calorie so you can sip on them all day
  • Coconut Water – These are good for typical workouts up to 1 hour.  They are fairly low in calories but do a good job replenishing your electrolytes
  • Sports Drinks – Sports drinks are best when you need to also replenish energy and electrolytes at the same time. Make sure you find a drink that is around 6% by volume, any more than that you might draw water from your tissues to help with digestion.

Hydrating properly will optimize your performance.  Choose the right drink for the right activity.


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