A Duck Walks into The Devil’s House

Joe and JavesJaves Lewis first came to Total Sports Therapy in the spring of 2013 following an ankle injury he sustained during a pick-up basketball game.  He initially consulted with Total Sports Therapy’s very own, Joe Gazo, physical therapist and clinic director of TST’s Far North Clinic.  Javes was subleasing space next door at TST’s Performance center, working under “Javes Lewis Fitness.”

They would soon discover that they both went to Pac-12 schools.  “It was obvious that Joe went to Arizona State, with ASU plastered all over the clinic walls,” Javes said.  Javes Lewis is a name familiar to many in the football world. As a former University of Oregon standout defensive back, Javes earned a full-athletic scholarship and went on to help lead the Ducks to the 2011 BCS National Championship.  Joe had a good friend that graduated from Oregon and was at attendance at this memorable game.  Joe said, “This was a historic game.  The type of game you will always remember.  Two undefeated teams going for the BCS National Championship.  The game was sold out, and tickets were going for upwards of 10K. Javes Oregon Duck

I just happened to have a friend that knew someone that worked for the Fiesta Bowl and was able to get 2 tickets.”  Javes’s hard work, focus and dedication landed Javis a spot in the NFL as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs preseason squad (2011), and in the CFL, as a member of the Toronto Argonauts (2011-2012).

Joe treating JavesTheir relationship began and the two soon became colleagues.  During their treatment sessions, they  would constantly talk shop.  “It was like playing cards,” Joe said.  “For every injury/surgery I would throw at him, he would throw down several stories.”   Spending much of his time in the Oregon Ducks training room,  Javes knew the importance of physical therapy.  “He was a very easy patient to work with, and knew exactly what to do,” said Joe.  “I would just treat him and he would run through his own exercises.”

Javes would occasionally bring clients over for Joe to assess for injuries.  Joe would also send Javes his patients that were ready to take their rehab to the “Next Level.”  “It’s a perfect marriage,” Joe said, “Often times, we’ll get a patient or a patient will have a child that wants to work on strength, speed, agility or just overall performance.  With our performance center next door, equipped with sport court and turf, Javes will help get them there.”  “ I decided to use my knowledge of sports, fitness, and physical training to help others reach their health and exercise goals. I obtained a Certified Physical Trainer credential and am working on obtaining a Performance Enhancement Specialist credential so that I am able to help my clients reach their goals, “ Javes said.

Javes Training CleanJaves and Joe continue to work side-by-side as both businesses grow, feeding on one another.  Javes plans to work with some of his NFL cohorts at the performance center during the off-season and will continue to work with Joe for his client’s physical therapy needs.   Be on the lookout as Javes and Joe work to  offer more group and personal training options to TST clients and the community of Tramonto.  Check out Javes Lewis at http://javeslewis.com/.


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