Creating a Solid Foundation: Treating Foot and Ankle Disorders with Orthotics


by Joe Gazo, PT, Clinic Director TST Tram0nto/Anthem

foot pain

We’ve all seen orthotics at the grocery stores, and mall kiosks.   You’ve seen the fancy machines at the drug stores that you step on to.   We’ve even seen orthotics on infomercials and online.  So what is the difference between a custom orthotic and an off the shelf orthotic (OTS)?  Feet are like snowflakes and no two feet are exactly alike.  Our custom orthotics are especially made and designed to support and comfort your feet.  The individual castings are taken of your feet and your feet alone.  Our orthotics will match the exact contours of your feet precisely and are designed the way you move.  Our custom orthotics are only manufactured after our physical therapists have conducted a complete thorough evaluation of your lower extremities and gait, so the orthotic can be custom made to accommodate your unique foot structure and pathology.  You will not find this at Walgreens or CVS.  The castings are then sent off to MSI orthotic lab.  Since 2003, Joe Gazo, PT has been working with Dr. Derose DPM, owner of MSI orthotic lab and adjunct faculty at Arizona School of Podiatry.  Joe also received advanced training by attending various courses through Biomechanical Services in Ontario, California.  Particularly, their “Grinder’s and Glue” series.  Joe and Dr. Derose continue to work together, holding orthotic in-services for other Physical Therapists.  At Total Sports Therapy, orthotic therapy can be used to treat achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, hip pain, back pain, ITB syndrome, leg length discrepancies, compartment syndrome, neuromas, etc.  Create a solid foundation and you help preserve the temple!  Contact Joe at our Total Sports Tramonto/Anthem Clinic for more information about orthotics.



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