CrossFit Series: Can I do Physical Therapy and still CrossFit?

by Drew Giardina, PT, ATC/L, SCS


Wall Balls

CrossFit has been a hot topic over the last few years and has been growing in popularity.  In just the last year, 2 CrossFit gyms opened within a stones throw of my Cave Creek office.  On the internet you will find a lot of information that supports or disputes the benefits of CrossFit.  Being a sports focused physical therapist, I am constantly asked questions about how I feel about this fitness craze and advice on how to approach it.  Over the next few weeks I will be answering some of the most common questions I get from people interested in CrossFit and the CrossFit athletes I treat.  This week we tackle the question:

Can I do Physical Therapy and CrossFit?

Yes, most definitely.  Having to treat an injury in physical therapy does not mean you have to completely stop CrossFit.  Depending on the injury, you might need to alter the movement of certain exercises within CrossFit in terms of weight or degree of movement.  The best thing to do is talk with your physical therapist and CrossFit instructor about what the injury is and how to alter the daily workout to avoid stressing the injury further.  If necessary, have your PT and coach communicate on how best to do this.  Being able to continue CrossFit is usually one of the goals a patient who gets physical therapy, and being able to continue working out in some capacity will help your mental state of approaching therapy from a positive angle.

Next weeks topic: I’m not injured, but can Physical Therapy help me with maintenance while I CrossFit?


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