Crossfit Series: I’m not injured, but can Physical Therapy help me with maintenance while I CrossFit?

by Drew Giardina, PT, ATC/L

camille leblancMany professional athletes use physical therapists and athletic trainers to help maintain their bodies at optimal performance level when training and competing. Ask any strength and conditioning coach and they will all agree that rest and recovery is an extremely important aspect of any good training program.  Physical Therapy is an excellent source for maintenance when doing Crossfit.  Having to do PT does not always mean that someone has a major injury.  Sometimes muscles and joints can get tight or restricted in ways that need work in ways that you can’t do independently. A Physical Therapist can manually loosen the muscles or improve the range of motion in the joint in a safe and more effective way. Additionally, modalities such as Ultrasound and Electric Stimulation can be helpful in relaxing muscle tissue and promoting healing. The combination of manual work and modalities can be helpful with preventing overuse injuries that force you to miss Crossfit workouts.

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