Losing Sleep Increases Arthritis Pain

Talk about a Catch 22, if you find it hard to sleep due to arthritis pain.  Often arthritis pain can make it difficult to sleep, but recent findings say that the loss of sleep increase arthritis pain.  So what can you do?

  • Avoiding taking daytime naps, so it is easier for you to go to sleep at night
  • Cut out caffeine and alcohol before bed
  • Make sure any over the counter pain medications don’t have caffeine that might keep you up
  • Over the counter Melatonin may help with helping you wind down if you have trouble getting to sleep
  • Light exercise during the day, avoid it before you go to bed, can help with arthritis and it helps people get a deeper sleep.
  • With the summer time, spend more time in the pool, it’s great for exercise and helps with reducing the impact on the arthritic joints.

Being proactive when addressing your arthritis pain is the best way of managing it.


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