New treatment may help with knee pain

New treatment for knee painWe treat many people with osteoarthritic knee pain.  In many cases a combination physical therapy and a pain relieving treatment help our patients get the most benefits.  Now a new treatment may help with knee pain.

In an article published on, cooled radio frequency ablation, recently approved by the FDA, may be a good pain relieving treatment.  The procedure is minimally invasive and recovering time is almost immediate.

The procedure essentially deadens the nerves causing the osteoarthritic knee pain at the joint.  This may become a preferred option versus cortisone shots.  The report states the people are experiencing extended periods of relief versus cortisone shots.

The procedure is not a permanent solution for people with osteoarthritic knee pain, but can help people with moderate to severe knee pain that are good candidates for knee replacement surgery.

The treatment is marketed as Coolief and there are currently a limited number of physicians in the Phoenix area practicing this treatment.

Total Sports Therapy, doesn’t endorse this treatment as we have not worked with enough patients that have had this procedure performed, but this could be promising for many people dealing with knee pain.


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